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The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Use email marketing to engage your audience with attractive campaigns and create a positive brand image. I35 Media can produce compelling emails for your company.
Engage your customers with timely, personalized messages that you can automate or send on-demand.

 It's easy to get caught up with all the latest tools and trends in digital marketing, but some things just never go out of style. Email is still the king of communications

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Whether your list is 50 or 50,000 we can help you connect

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Here are the basic steps to plan and follow up with an effective email campaign
Marketing Strategy
Why are you writing them? It has to be authentic. Sale notices every other day go unrerad.
Tracking & Reporting
You have to know who opens, who responds and how to keep your list clean. Better to have a list of 1000 customer fans than 20,000 "mehs".
Template Design
Easy to read. Good use of white space and images. Show a story in your emails.
Marketing Campaigns
We use your marketing calendar and plan out the next 6 months and adjust based on tracking feedback.