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A perfect StoryBrand theme to give your WordPress website a stunning and unique StoryBrand compliant look with extensive functionality. MYP WordPress theme’s state of the art Storybrand theme and functionality provide your business with everything needed for incredible straight to the point experiences to help increase your sales and lead generation.

Our team spent an incredible amount of time and energy to research the ins and outs of Donald Miller’s StoryBrand philosophy and principles. As a result you have the opportunity to sell your products & services using this stunning & effective theme system from Market Your Products.

Lightweight & Secure

A Complete Theme & CMS System

Based on Robust WordPress Architecture

Not an ordinary theme!

StoryBrand by ‘Market Your Products’ is not just a bunch of theme files and styles, instead a complete system based on the principles and guidelines by Donald Miller known as ‘StoryBrand’.

Easily show how you are the guide

Simplicity is key!

Fully responsive theme

Regular updates

Turn visitors to customers!

No flashy graphics, clean, simple and to the point

Why does StoryBrand work?

As the web keeps evolving and modern standards and heavy graphics dominate the web, developers and designers thought  the more graphics and a content heavy website, the better it would be. But that’s not the case. Customers just want the information about your products or services quickly to decide whether to buy or not.

StoryBrand solves this exact issue. To bring the best of design and information architecture in a most unique and intuitive way, basically to bring the best of both; the design and simplicity.

Our Satisfied Customers

The theme you always wanted

Find out why StoryBrand works and order now to get up and running!

What do I get?

Instead of purchasing a WordPress theme separately and going through the complex process of installing and writing content, MYP StoryBrand WP Theme is a complete package of WordPress CMS along with the theme and guidelines. You can get up and running in less than 30 minutes with the Market Your Products WP Theme.

Order the Package

Package contains WordPress CMS (always latest), theme system and graphics, entire structure based on StoryBrand.

Upload the files

Upload 'Market Your Products Theme System', setup a database, install and start writing about your products or services.


Once the installation is completed, you have the entire WordPress CMS with essential plugins such as Elementor (Free version), Contact Form, newsletter signup module.

No time for setting all by yourself?

We got it! you can be busy as a bee, that’s why we have a custom solution for people just like you. With a Plan ‘MYP Ultimate’, we can setup everything for you. You just have to tell us what your business of briefly and we will professionally setup the entire website, theme system, graphics and more.

Order the Ultimate Package

Unlike other, we put you and your business on priority. We take responsibility of developing your website with Market your Products WP Theme and customize each and every pixel for you. You get the most unique experience.

Up & Running!

Once your website is up and running, you get the control of managing content in future if required. Our solution is built on most famous WordPress content management system.


I am so glad to use 'Market Your Products WordPress Theme System' for my website. It has everything I need, easy to use WordPress CMS, eCommerce, an elegant theme, Elementor builder, security updates and more. I highly recommend these folks, they know very well how the professional website should work. No more Wix and Squarespace for me!
Richard Matthews
Business Owner

eCommerce with Market Your Products WP

Our platform is extendable, Market Your Products WP package can also be extended with eCommerce features. 

Turning Visitors Into Customers

Content, design and information architecture based on StoryBrand principles.

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